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Dietrich Honors Program

The Dietrich Honors Fellowship Program will provide summer funding support to rising seniors in the Dietrich College senior honors program as they undertake early-stage research and development of their thesis topics. Summer months offer an opportunity for fellows to build a strong foundation for their thesis, creating momentum for academic year pursuits leading to completion of the project by the end of the spring term. We expect this opportunity to deepen the intellectual enterprise for undergraduates in Dietrich College, in keeping with goals and legacy of the college’s senior honors program.

Step One: Find a Project

Browse through the student research projects and select a project you are interested in supporting. Students applying for an honors fellowship work closely with their faculty advisors to help them craft their research proposals and theses. If you do not wish to fund an individual project, but would like to support the honors fellowships as a whole, please consider giving to the Dietrich College Honors Fellowships General Fund. Gifts to this fund will be distributed among the student projects by the Director of the Dietrich College Senior Honors Program.

NOTE: While the option to directly fund an individual project is no longer available, the option to contribute to the fellowship’s General Fund is still available. Gifts to this fund will be distributed among the student projects as needed by the Director of the Dietrich College Senior Honors Program. We'll begin the process of selecting and naming our 2015 Fellows in March 2015. Thank you for your support!

Step Two: Fund the Research

Enter a gift amount to help fund a student research project. Gifts of all sizes are welcome. A fully funded honors fellowship includes:
  • $4,000 to fund 10 full-time weeks of summer pre-honors student research
  • $1,000 for project-related expenses
  • $1,500 for the faculty supervisor, to support his or her research

Step Three: Follow the Progress

Once you support a project, keep abreast of research progress as fellows document their experiences and discoveries at the Honors Fellows' Blog.

Step Four: Spread the Word!

Share news of this program or a particular project by telling your friends, family, or fellow alumni. Post on your favorite social networking platform (like Facebook).



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