Welcome to CAUSE at Carnegie Mellon University

Established in 1995, CAUSE aims to link the historian's interest in race, work, and economic change over time with contemporary analyses of the urban labor force, employment policies, and community development. The Center seeks to accomplish its objectives by developing programs of graduate and postdoctoral training, scholarly research, data collection, publications, and education. The Center supervises selected graduate research projects; organizes scholarly conferences; and promotes a program of scholarly publications that appeal to both academic and nonacademic audiences. Through a variety of programs and activities, we are not only seeking to build collaborative linkages within the university, but between Carnegie Mellon, the Pittsburgh metropolitan region, and the nation.

CAUSE also aims to build upon Carnegie Mellon's extraordinary capacity in the development of electronic databases. Specifically, the Center hopes to: a) develop a comprehensive interdisciplinary file of primary and secondary sources on the African American experience in the urban economy; and b) collect, transcribe, and deposit oral interviews on the role of blacks in the late industrial and recent post-industrial economies of the Pittsburgh region. In the development of these projects, we expect to work closely with university librarians and archivists. Such projects will greatly facilitate the preservation and use of African American history in the region and the nation.

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